Celebrate Successes, Then Share Them! | Katie Proctor

I was talking to a good friend today who is trying to “get back on track” with eating right and exercising. One practice she is implementing (that I recommend to everyone) is to write down everything she eats and when she works out. That way, she will be more mindful of her choices and how they may be impacting her health. But she is also doing something different. Something that I think is amazing.

She decided to document one success per day. One moment when she made a positive choice. How great is that? Writing down everything you eat can feel like a chore or even seem as if you’re being your own “food police”. But if you add positive reinforcement to the mix, you have the opportunity to celebrate something you feel good about each and every day. So..my “success” for today was forgoing the birthday cake at work. Not because I don’t think you should eat cake, but because I don’t necessarily need to eat it for all 50-some birthdays that occur in my office every year!

And here’s where young professionals can really benefit. Not only is she recording these things, but she is sharing them with someone she cares about. In fact, they are both recording the same information…in a shared Google Doc! Talk about a smart use of technology. Plus, they both benefit from working towards a common goal (being healthier) and holding each other accountable for the choices they make.

So..who’s going to be your Google Doc buddy?