Live At the End Of Your Comfort Zone | Katie Proctor

Learning a new skill can be frustrating. I’ve never felt this more than I have while learning how to ski. It’s not an easy sport to learn in your mid-twenties, and I’m a bit envious of the three year olds zooming by me with no fear. Because fear is really what is holding me back. When I overlook a steep slope, start going too fast or feel the slightest bit out of control, this fear is paralyzing. I’m trying to get past these fears, really I am, because I know skiing is fun. But when it took me two hours to get down a (long) green run…I wasn’t really having fun yet. When I’m in control, breezing down flatter terrain, I’m able take in my breathtaking surroundings. It was nothing but sunny blue skies at Keystone on Saturday, reminding me why I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado. I love the quote “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, and I don’t plan on letting my fears limit me for long. I improve a bit more each trip, and I know that once my mind is in the right place, all the rest will follow.

On a lighter note, my detox ended on March 1. I have a more detailed guest post that I will be sharing on another blog about how I now feel about “deleting” foods, but suffice it to say that I did not keep gluten out of my diet the second half of the detox. I found myself buying gluten-free versions of foods I never even bought when eating gluten e.g. gluten-free brownie and gluten-free pancake mixes. I see so many junk foods marketed as gluten-free, vegan, etc. and strongly believe that eating clean is a better way to go.  What I did benefit from throughout this detox was removing alcohol and weekday television, two commitments I stuck to through the end. I experienced improved energy, mood and productivity in the past month and I’m going to strive for greater balance to keep it that way.

I spent the greater part of Sunday running errands, and I couldn’t help but take a picture of these candy-colored bikes outside of church. A bike is definitely on my to-buy list! I honestly haven’t owned a bike since I was a kid, so any and all recommendations are welcome. There are lots of cute, independent bike shops around town so I’m hoping to purchase one from a local retailer.


I’m also planning to train for my second half marathon and go back to Kansas City to run it with my dad. I was in the market for new running shoes since I still have the ones I ran my first half in back in Nashville 2010! After my experience at Boulder Running Company, it’s almost frightening that I even ran a half in those shoes. If you have not had an expert size your feet and check your gait…YOU NEED TO DO THIS. I hopped on the treadmill with a knowledgeable staff member, who then explained my tendency to pronate and turn my feet out while running via video analysis. I’m a former dancer, so turning out has always been a natural inclination for me. I even sleep on my stomach with both legs turned out. To correct this, we looked at shoes with light inner support and, after another treadmill run indicated I needed more stability, opted for shoes with even more support. This is the first time I did not purchase a shoe simply by the way it looks, and I will never buy athletic shoes any other way again. I walked away with a pair of Nike LunarEclipse +2 Breathes, which are last year’s model so I got a nice discount. Here’s a comparable collection available now.



I ended up with the Nikes because they felt the lightest on my feet, which I loved, but I also considered Mizunos or Asics. The minimalist shoe movement is in full gear, but the lack of support means I’m not really a candidate right now, especially for the distance I’m looking to train. Vivo Barefoot, Vibram and New Balance have attractive, functional options for those looking to give it a try. And let’s not forget high-quality running socks that wick sweat and prevent odor and blisters compared to cotton. I’m partial to Smartwool, a Colorado company that I prefer for running socks as well as ski baselayers. Obviously, I am not wearing running socks in the above photo! But then again, I spent the better part of an hour strolling through nearby Washington Park listening to Jason Aldean, and they weren’t really necessary.

What shoes do you run or train in and why?