Instagram Truths | Katie Proctor

Ever since I joined Instagram earlier this year, I’m often scrolling through my photo feed more than I do Facebook. I love seeing “true life” snapshots of my friends and favorite bloggers. Sometimes I even find myself secretly envying others’ lives through how they’re portrayed on Instagram. I too tend to post mostly positive images that paint a picture perfect lifestyle…when the reality is far from it. Bloggers like Gabby’s Gluten Free and SoCal Runner Gal are coming clean and letting us in on what’s REALLY behind the pictures they share. And I’m ready to do the same! So get ready for some truth up in here.



Caption: Serious #bikeenvy right now!
Truth: My CPA husband was working this Sunday, so I had to go to church alone. I was standing outside awkwardly, not talking to anyone, and trying to find something to occupy my time.


Caption: Din! #denver #restaurantweek
Truth: I was actually sick with a stomachache most of the night afterwards. I think it was the raw-ish kangaroo.

airport salad

Caption: Who said airport meals have to be bad?
Truth: I got Pinkberry immediately after this.


Caption: Cauli-fried rice!
Truth: Apparently, I was excited about this healthy concoction. But my husband? Not so much. He asked me to stop hiding cauliflower in his food!

Care to share some of your own Instagram (or Facebook) truths? I’d love to hear them! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this amazing parody on Instagram.