Adjusted Expectations | Katie Proctor

Or perhaps I should have titled this “why grad school can be such a bia”.

I started off my Evening MBA program with a bang. That is, missing the first two weeks of class. Statistics class. A subject area I only equate with an online class I took one summer way-back-when and failed miserably to enjoy. Statistics has redeemed itself by actually being applicable to the business world in which I now find myself. But, I forgot how much working on a project until 10:30 on a Saturday night makes your soul die a little inside. Don’t even get me started on how I “took a break” to walk through Wash Park, only to be reminded by the fun-loving groups of beer-drinking 20-somethings that I didn’t belong on that particular day. Only a Fleur de Sel cookie from Vert could ease my pain at this point.

Twice a week, I make the 45-minute drive to Boulder (unless I’m rerouted through Westminster…cough after 10pm…cough) for class. The MBA program fortunately has us working professionals in mind by offering meal cards for dinner on class nights. It is immensely helpful to have that taken care of for us, even if it does mean battling lines of soon-to-be freshman discovering the joys of all-you-can-eat buffets at orientation. I’m also not surprised that the MBA’ers seem to make up the majority of the line for free cookies and ice cream. Comfort food, y’all.

It’s pretty cool to be in a classroom of individuals who bring so much to the table. We’re all investing significant time and money to be here, so the attitude is completely different from undergrad. Although we’re just now finishing up our first class, I’m really looking forward to getting to know each of my professional colleagues (with different levels of work experience, from different industries) better throughout the program. The cohort format means we’ll spend pretty much every waking minute together, at least until electives begin.

Overall, I’m super excited about this opportunity as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s also a time to reflect on what I want/need to get out of this program. I’ve already come to terms with the fact that I may not get all A’s like I was used to in undergrad. Working full-time and balancing other priorities simply doesn’t allow time for that. So I’m all about re-calibrating and adjusting my own expectations of myself. Time for “me” and time for those I love is too precious not to. I’m not going to become a recluse like I did when taking the infamous Human Body class at K-State. This picture always makes me laugh, because our friends literally had to hang out with those of us taking the class in the study room if they wanted to see us at all. Exhibit A:


Welp, today marks a nice grad school milestone. First big project submitted!  And this is what I did to celebrate. Don’t judge.


Until we meet again. XOXO.