Something I'm Not | Katie Proctor

Whoa. These last few months have been a whirlwind, and I took a serious blog hiatus as evidenced by the THREE MONTH gap since my last post. I have lots to update you on, friends, but I want to clear the air first about something I’m not. And maybe this “proclamation” is more for me than for any of you.

I am not a recipe creator. Admittedly, I’ve always been more of a recipe follower, and darn proud of it! I get my inspiration from recipe bloggers across the web and, because it’s part of my job, end up staring at their inventive creations and gorgeous photography all day long. It’s given me a bit of an inferiority complex about my own site, and my lack of formatted recipes and great photos! So, I asked myself: what is the purpose of Healthy & Happy Hour? And I came back with a whole host of thoughts, none of which included recipe creator. At least not now while I’m in school and working full-time. But, I’m more than ready and willing to share my favorite finds so you don’t have to sift through all the options yourself!

I actually feel quite relieved about this mini-revelation. I think it’s hindered the frequency of my posts because I haven’t had time to develop a “good enough” recipe with “great enough” photos to share with you all. So, I’m taking a step back and sticking to what I know (and love): myself. (Just kidding. Kind of…). So, you’re not getting a re-print of the pretzel recipe that I made on August 11th and never posted. Instead, you’re getting a link to Sally’s Baking Addiction, whose recipe for 30-minute pretzels I adapted (and adore).

And the real genius? I also turned these into pretzel bagels, because I’m oh-so-obsessed with salt bagels right now, and topped them with “homemade” light cream cheese with delicious mix-ins of jalapenos, mashed avocado and scallions. Ironically, the aforementioned cream cheese was for a recipe contest I had planned to enter until I realized I read the directions wrong. See the theme here? Not destined for recipe creation. Or contests.

Want to know what else I’ve made lately?

And if I’m ever gone this long again, you can bug me on Instagram (@healthyhappyhr). If I don’t respond, I’m probably feverishly trying to catch up on Homeland.


P.S. Here’s how I turned the pretzel recipe into a bagel. Just follow steps 5 and 6 (the rope method) with the pretzel dough. Remember, the dough will rise and the hole will disappear if it’s not big enough!