{Five Things Friday} and Why I’m Quitting | Katie Proctor

1. My first “thing” for the week is a big one. Over the last few months, I’ve been excited to add new bloggers to my ongoing list of daily reads. Feedly has made it so much easier to get all my updates in one place, which I really appreciate. But I also found myself wasting time and energy lusting after the material goods that are often featured on these blogs. Blogger X just got a $5000 table for her living room? Blogger Y has a new outfit (every day)? My friends, this isn’t real life (many of the goods are free for the bloggers) nor is a life centered around things something I believe we should aspire to attain. So I’ve eliminated every single home and fashion blog from my reading list – and that’s what I’m quitting. No offense if you blog in that space, but I’ve chosen to feed my mind with more positive influences, because it’s not about what you have, it’s about who you are, how you treat others and what you aspire to be. A few I recommend adding to your reading list are: MindBodyGreen, The Daily Love, The Wellness Wonderland, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, Nutrition Stripped, Inspired RD, Eat, Live, Run and My Kind of Life.

2. I found the cutest meditation space in the Platt Park neighborhood, Mayu Sanctuary. I stopped in over the holiday break to learn more about the space and their program offerings, and ended up spending well over an hour talking to the owner (Cierra) about how and why she created Mayu. You can drop in anytime and pay only what you believe the experience was worth. I also picked up some incense and a cozy purple pillow for poses, which Cierra showed me how to use and choose based on my comfort level. She never made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing, so I felt super comfortable asking her any questions I had. I love supporting small businesses, and great visionaries like her, so I know that I’ll be back.

3. How do you want to feel today? That is the main question my new book, The Desire Map, aims to answer. It flips the idea of goal-setting on its head and instead helps us understand how we want to feel. The five core feelings you define after reading the book and completing the exercises should guide every decision and action you make over the course of the year, until it’s time to re-evaluate and choose new feelings to guide you along life’s journey. In creator Danielle LaPorte’s words, “You will do much less proving, and way more living.” I will be going through this over the next few weeks and will report back on my own experience with the book.

4. A new cookie recipe that I am OBSESSED with. Against All Grain’s “Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies” are made with almond flour, coconut sugar and (my favorite) Enjoy Life chocolate chips. While there is quite a bit of controversy surfacing over the use of almond flour right now (The Urban Poser has a good – rational – synopsis), I don’t eat near enough of it to really care. All I know is that these cookies were better than any cookie I have ever made, and that’s saying a lot.

5. My husband has himself a new hobby – brewing beer! I got him a starter kit and book for Christmas, and he’s already on his second batch. I hear the first batch is rarely very good, but I was quite impressed with how his (a  wheat beer) turned out. I think I’m going to like this hobby, even if our back room has turned into a mini brewery of sorts.



What’s new in your world these days?