Staying Healthy on the Road | Katie Proctor

Image is Part of my “tour de San Francisco” studio binge earlier this year.

There was a time in my career when I traveled constantly (I think I was only home 2 days out of the entire month in July 2011), but things have slowed down a bit. When you don’t travel for work, I know it can sound glamorous. And there are some really great benefits – I’ve been able to enjoy trips to Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC, Austin, New Orleans and more all while working. But it can also wear you down if you don’t go into it with a plan.

I’m headed to Baltimore this week for the Natural Products Expo, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The spring show is even bigger, but essentially it’s a huge trade show for natural & organic brands. Which means lots of free food samples. And delicious dinners out every night. Standing on your feet all day, coupled with all the restaurant food and random bites of things here and there, causes some serious bloat and what I like to call “trade show tummy”. I’ve gotten better about taking it easy on the samples (and not staying up at the bars until 2am) over the years, but I still leave the show desperately needing a detox every single time.

eat plants
A post-Expo plants-only kind of meal

This year, I thought I’d challenge myself to see just how well I can do Baltimore, Healthy & Happy Hour style, and I want YOU to hold me accountable.

For exercise:

  • T25 most mornings, because my next challenge group starts this week, and it’s a perfect hotel room, 30-minutes-and-done, all-I-need-is-a-resistance-band type of workout. I don’t know about you, but hotel gyms freak me out and I will only run in certain cities. Plus, I’ve traveled with hand weights before and this seems MUCH easier.
  • Taking advantage of my ClassPass membership to try out Pop Physique and Beach Fit Baltimore. I absolutely adore getting my sweat on at boutique studios when I’m on the road, at least when I can.

For nutrition:

  • I finally “bit the bullet”, and got myself a Magic Bullet, which happens to be on sale at Target right now. It’s the perfect travel size for me to bring my vegan Shakeology with me. Plus I imagine it will come in handy during the week because you can blend right into travel cups, whereas I’m currently cleaning the blender twice every morning to make my chocolate shake and Aaron’s vanilla. #firstworldproblems
  • I’ve made it a point to find a grocery store when I get into town so I can stock up on healthy snacks. Even still, this is usually more of a grab and go, and I don’t always end up with what I need. Or, what I get is not satisfying enough so I turn to the samples instead (I mean, we’re serving up mac and cheese at my booth, how can I say no…). This time, I actually went to the grocery store IN ADVANCE and grabbed the following:

expo snacks
Rolled oats with flax/chia PB for breakfast, Shakeology for lunch at the show (will pick up some vanilla unsweetened almond milk in Baltimore or use water/ice), and then snacks like Health Warrior bars, jerky, dried edamame, apricots and trail mix. I will probably also grab some bananas or apples.

In general, I try to keep the sodium and sugar to a minimum when I travel because I get enough of that eating out, but it’s difficult with packaged foods.

I also highly recommend understanding where you might be dining out before you leave. In my case, all our dinner reservations are already set so I’m browsing the menus early to make good choices and not just pick out my meals on a whim. It’s best to consider how your meal fits into not only the day but the duration of your travel. If you know you’re going to a restaurant with a must-try menu item, plan for it, and choose something lighter for another meal. I’m definitely a social eater (and LOVE good food), so this part will be the most challenging for me to stick to. My goal is to prioritize protein and veggies – will let you know how it goes!

How do you stay healthy & fit on the road?