Healthy Travel Recap: Baltimore | Katie Proctor

I’m writing this post from the sky, as I head back to Denver after spending 6 days in Baltimore. And I’m ordering groceries from Instacart while I’m at it, so they’ll be waiting for me when I get home and I can REALLY relax. Technology blows my mind sometimes.

Anyways, I promised an update on my commitment to staying healthy on the road, so I’ve got to deliver. Never mind that I’m running on fumes and should probably be sleeping instead!

Tuesday – travel day/T25 Speed 1.0

Squeezed in a quick workout at home before heading to the airport. There are always TONS of natural products people on the Denver flight, because so many food companies are based here. Given the two hour time change, I knew lunch would be a no-go, so I packed a plane lunch of deli turkey, carrot chips (way better than baby carrots!!), grapes, green apple, bell pepper strips and a coconut Health Warrior snack bar.

alternatively fueled

I met a friend for dinner at The Food Market, where I had insanely good scallops, zucchini risotto and heirloom tomatoes. With a glass of rose and some buffalo fried pickles for good measure.

Meredith and I met through mutual friends (on a trip to Breckenridge that I blogged about before going dark for over a year) and reconnected when I wanted to get back into shape post-MBA. She is the reason I decided to become a Beachbody coach, and I am forever grateful to her for opening my eyes to this opportunity. It’s truly made me a better person!

Wednesday – T25 Total Body Circuit

I started out the day by skipping the barre class I signed up for, because the time change was pretty rough for me. This just goes to show how IMPORTANT it is to find workouts that you love, otherwise you won’t make time for them. Because I honestly hate barre. And I love to skip it. See a pattern here?

This day ended up being INSANE. Thank goodness I got my endorphins moving in the morning, otherwise I may not have been able to cope. It was booth set-up day, and none of our display product arrived, which meant I had to Uber to the Whole Foods on Fleet Street and clean them out of our product. I’m sure I looked like a crazy person. Oh, and I ate all of my Krave beef jerky on the way there. Which was probably smart, because we didn’t eat lunch until 3pm, which ended up being half a Chipotle chicken burrito bowl.

We finished up around 6:00 (we also hosted a booth outside for a few hours – which got us all nice and sweaty) and took a quick shower to make our 7pm dinner reservations at Capital Grille. I enjoyed the sliced filet with cipollini onions and green beans and a little too much red wine to shake off the day.

Thursday – T25 Ab Intervals

So this was NOT fun after the previous night’s red wine indulgences, but I powered through, because I was in store for another long day. Day 1 of the show is always the busiest, and probably the most fun. I don’t normally get a chance to walk the show floor, but was able to slip away and take some pics of cool new finds on my way to and from the bathroom.

expo east finds

For dinner, we went to Cinghiale in the Inner Harbor and this was hands down my favorite restaurant of the trip. Highly recommend if you find yourself in Baltimore! The food was authentic Italian, not the meat and cheese lasagna and baked ziti you might think of. We started off with a charcuterie board with bread that was soft and spongy and made in-house. At a place like this, you ditch the “don’t eat from the bread basket rule”, that’s for sure! The menu changes daily, but I ordered an arugula salad and a half order of housemade fennel pasta with tuna and capers. It was seriously to die for. I steered clear of the wine this evening, but did have two vodka drinks with muddled cucumbers, and we also got a few desserts (including stracciatella) for the table to share.

It was definitely an indulgent evening in terms of food, but the reality is being a foodie is just part of who I am, and I’ve started to learn when it’s WORTH IT, and when it’s not. Every bite at this restaurant was 100% worth it.

Friday – 3 mile run

I was starting to feel claustrophobic in my hotel room, so I headed out for a quick jog before Day 2 of the show. Baltimore is not my favorite city, but I do appreciate the Fell’s Point area, which is normally where I spend any free time.

baltimore running route

This day was probably the least “healthy” in terms of how many samples I tried. We never get to eat lunch at the shows (although I was able to reheat my leftover Chipotle the first day), so it can be tough to stay on track. We also went to dinner at Bertha’s Mussels in Fell’s Point, which was a total dive and just meh. I got the blackened catfish with lima beans and a corn fritter. No drinks at dinner, but had quite a few at the after-party, which was too weird to describe here. Let’s just say the Capital Grille turned into a Vegas nightclub.

Saturday – T25 DOUBLES – Lower Body + Cardio

I really wish I had not had as many drinks as I did the previous night, because I wanted to go to BeachFit Baltimore’s bootcamp class. This was the only day I did not work out in the morning, nor did I drink my shake (which, BTW, the travel blender worked awesome!) Spent the third and final day at the show, sampled again (hello, trade show tummy) and tore down the booth. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel around 6pm and did not want to do ANYTHING.

But, I decided I deserved a little treat so I walked down to the Under Armour Brand House (their HQ is in Baltimore) and picked up a cute jacket.

ua brand house

T25 has two rest days built in, so I had foregone the optional DOUBLES day on Friday to go for a run. I decided I needed a good kick in the butt so I did both videos on Saturday night. OF COURSE it was lower body day, with my lower half already in pain from standing for hours on end. But I pushed through (with some modifications) and felt amazing after. I had a post-workout shake, and then ordered up some lump crab, veggies and a salad to the room.

Working a show is both mentally and physically exhausting. The peace and quiet, and especially the alone time, was so needed by this point.

Sunday – travel day/rest day

Up and at ’em at 5am to pack, shower and head to the airport. Ready to enjoy a MUCH NEEDED, planned rest day at home with my husband. Overall, I made healthier choices on this trip than any other Expo. I used many of my trade show snacks, but they did not keep me from over-sampling as I had hoped. It’s healthy if it’s organic, right? 😉


What can I say, I like shiny new objects sometimes. My biggest goal for the next show is actually going to be alcohol-related. While I never stayed out much past midnight, and drank less than usual, there were still mornings I did not feel my best. It’s honestly NOT worth it to me anymore. I would have loved to take one of the early morning classes, but I missed out because of drinkin. I still worked out daily (which is a huge win), but there’s always room for improvement.

I truly believe that what kept me going right up until the last night was my accountability group. This is hands down THE #1 REASON I’ve been able to stay the course, because there is always someone to pick me back up if I’m losing steam.

If you could use this same kind of motivation and encouragement, I invite you to join my next accountability group. It’s perfectly timed to get into a routine before the hectic holiday season.

If you’re ready to stop WISHING FOR IT, and start WORKING FOR IT, I want to hear from you.