Super Sweat Smackdown: P90X3 vs. BBG | Katie Proctor

Truth be told, there are a LOT of fitness programs out there – but which is most effective? For the next two months, I am teaming up with one of my good friends and fellow fitness lovers to put two of the most popular workouts to the test, and let the results speak for themselves. Kelsey and I have completely different schedules and lifestyles (she’s a working mom of 4 after all!), so our points of view will reflect that.

✔ 4 weeks P90X3 + meal plan
✔ 4 weeks BBG + meal plan

Both programs claim to be quick fat-burners (30-minute and 28-minute workouts, respectively), but we’ll face off with REAL NUMBERS, reporting on total calorie burn + heart rate stats using my Polar M400, macronutrient breakdown of the meal plans via MyFitnessPal, and inches lost {I don’t own a scale, so no weight here} with before/after photos.


Last but not least, we’ll also share how we feel throughout each program, pros/cons, etc. I’ve never done either workout before, so I’m going in completely blind!

Starting Monday 11/9, follow us on Instagram {@healthyhappyhr and @kelseywardfitness, hashtag ‪#‎p90x3vsbbg‬} where we’ll be “micro-blogging” the whole thing. I will also be posting a weekly recap every Monday right here on Healthy & Happy Hour that summarizes key stats for the week.


PRE-P90X3 11/8:
Chest: 36 inches
Arms: 11 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Thighs: 23 inches

Note: I do have ongoing GI challenges, and the associated bloating, etc. may affect my overall measurements throughout this journey. My goal is to be as objective as possible, so I will still share this information as one of many progress benchmarks.

I spent this morning meal planning for my first week of P90X3 to start tomorrow! My “recipes” are going to be gluten-free, dairy-free because that is the dietary protocol I need to follow right now. My goal is to mirror my week 1 P90X3 and week 1 BBG (and so on) meal plans {just tweaked for their specific recommendations} so that the results can be as comparable as possible. I will make notes in my journal when I have to stray for whatever reason. I have a wedding coming up this weekend and will be traveling so already going to put all my planning to the test!

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