Why we microadventure | Katie Proctor

Life can get really mundane really fast.

A never-ending to-do list, a long commute, a what-should-we-make-for-dinner, then rinse and repeat.

And so often weekends don’t really feel like “ours” anymore as we chase the things we didn’t have time for during the week, like cleaning the house, balancing the budget and other errands.

Enter: the microadventure.

I was first introduced to this concept by Alastair Humphreys, who defines his microadventures a little differently (many of them involve sleeping in the wild), but I’ve really latched onto the idea and made it my own. For me, a microadventure is getting out and doing anything outside your normal routine. Like a mini vacation in your own backyard.

I belong to a lot of groups on Facebook, and one post really caught my attention. The group was asked “If you could live anywhere in the world, would you live where you live now?”

And I watched as every single person responded: NO.

First, this made me sad to think that so many people either feel trapped by their surroundings or are not inspired by the places they live. I was the only person to answer yes to this question because, truth be told, I’ve wanted to live in Colorado as long as I can remember. And I worked hard to get here, so I want to take advantage of everything this great state has to offer.

But no matter where you live, I encourage you to find your own magic.

Trust me, it’s there. I grew up in Kansas, a place that many people think is too-flat, too-boring, and too-doesn’t-really-matter. But I LOVED living in Kansas City.

Because home can be made anywhere.

It’s not the place – it’s the people and the memories that make it special.

I share this, because we spent the last weekend going on an epic microadventure of our own. My husband and I took our snowshoes about an hour and a half outside the city for a 3-hour round trip trek to Lost Lake. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, either. It was cold and super windy, as the sun faded in and out of view. More than once I remember thinking: are we there yet?

It seems like I always reach a point in any microadventure where I feel like I’ve had enough. When “just a ½ mile longer” seems like forever. And my husband will tell you I’m not always pleasant when I hit this wall. I may do a lot of mindset work, but hey I still have my moments. But what I DO know is that all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, and you’ll reach your destination. It’s not fast, and it’s not easy, and you might get a few blisters along the way {note to self: don’t wear my Sorels again}, but you’ll survive. And you might actually thrive!

The hike down was a breeze compared to the way up, and we got down in less than an hour. I noticed that we outpaced most of the people we started the climb with, which felt amazing considering how out of shape I felt last season. Then, we enjoyed some pizza and beer before heading home, because after all it’s all about the balance.

Now, you may not have access to the mountains or killer snowshoeing trails, but microadventuring is available to anyone and everyone. Need some ideas?

Start here.

Don’t wait until you’re “on vacation” to enjoy these things! Make them part of your everyday experience, instead of just letting life happen to you.

In fact, I’ve already got my next microadventure planned – class with Natalie Uhling and a sports massage on Monday since I have the day off.

What’s yours?