How to Find Movement That Fuels You | Katie Proctor

When I started thinking about fitness as something I “get” or “want” to do, instead of “have” to do, everything changed for me. I love having both in-person and virtual fitness communities to remind me to prioritize my health even during the busy seasons and most importantly make it FUN.

Diets are a drag, and so is doing any kind of physical activity that you dread.

We’re all different so find what fills YOU up and make it part of your everyday.


We can all lead active lifestyles by making them our own, and realizing what is enjoyable for some may not be for us.

Walking. Lifting. Yoga. Classes. Personal Training. HIIT. Pilates. Hiking. Crossfit. Swimming. Streaming Workouts. Finding Circuits on Pinterest. Accountability Groups. Training for a Race. Dance. Team Sports.

Exercise is not an obligation — at least it doesn’t have to be.

I often set long-term goals whether it’s to finish a program end-to-end or take on a challenge. I like conquering my fears even when they make me uncomfortable, because I always come out better on the other side


In pursuit of your goals, it’s important to be teachable.

Throughout Handstand School {pictured above} there were days I resisted help, and others my mind was open to it. And only on those days did I make progress!

Let others guide you, support you. But know that at some point, it’s up to you. You make the decision to move forward and you have to “let go” of the need for someone else to hold you steady.

One of the reasons I named this blog “Elevate with Katie” is because I love helping people reach higher in their own lives.

Climb their own personal Everest, if you will, whether it’s physical, mental or something else entirely. Even though I put myself out there on social media, I’m a really nervous and cautious person by nature. But that will never change if I don’t push my limits!

And I’m about to do it again in a BIG way.

This week, I started training for my first sprint triathlon. I’ve completed three half marathons in the past with varying degrees of success — all related to how much and how well I trained. When I had a group to train with, I thrived. When I was up to my own devices, I rarely met my mileage goals.

I have never biked competitively, nor have I ever swam in a race {unless you count that one summer on swim team, when I was last by half the pool}. This is completely what-am-you-doing but you-can-do-it out there for me!

I know many people out there are training for endurance races this summer. So in honor of Global Running Day, I’d love to link up with other people who are pounding the pavement {in any way} this summer. Whether you’re trying something new like I am or looking to set a PR, we can all learn from each other and provide that extra support and motivation to achieve things beyond what we think is possible.

support for your sport

So who’s in? Our FREE “Support for Your Sport” accountability group starts this Monday, June 6th and there’s plenty of room for beginners and accomplished athletes alike. We’ll talk training tips, performance nutrition, cross training and more. My race is at the end of July so hoping to keep the mojo alive for a few weeks!

All you have to do is opt in here.

Whatever it is you’re working towards…you {I mean WE} got this!