Behind the Scenes of the Healthy Glow Collective | Katie Proctor

It’s been a little quiet around here for good reason. Back in August, I said goodbye to my full-time corporate job to fully transition as an independent business and marketing consultant. Since then I’ve been busy launching a new brand, spending two months in the Dominican Republic, taking on new 1:1 clients, helping dietetics students get matched to internships, and so much more all while trying to maintain my stress and self-care, which is hugely important to me.

I finally get it when fellow online entrepreneurs say that launch weeks can be so exhausting yet energizing all at the same time.

I just wrapped up a trip to Minneapolis celebrating the big launch of a new brand, the Healthy Glow Collective, and its signature 6-week balanced food and fitness program, the Healthy Glow Guide, that I’m working on in partnership with Monique of Ambitious Kitchen and Lee of Fit Foodie Finds. Truthfully, I think week one results blew all of us away and we are so grateful because all three of us worked tirelessly to launch not only a new brand (and business model), but a new website and a new program in a matter of months. And, oh yeah, the holidays were in there too. I remember interviewing various designers and developers when I was first hired on as the brand manager for Healthy Glow Co. and we got lots of responses that our timeline was a little “ambitious” (which by that I think they actually meant crazy). But in the end we found some amazing partners who were willing to push the envelope with us and produce something truly amazing!

So, I thought it would be fun to go back to the beginning and share a little about how things evolved and my role in it all. The “behind the scenes”, if you will. 

One of the first things I did was interview Monique and Lee separately to learn more about their vision — both why they wanted to create the Healthy Glow Collective and what they wanted it to become. In doing so, I instantly knew what we were creating was special.

A few things stood out to me from day one. 

  1. Their philosophy was all about balance, and they meant it. Not in the way that people talk about finding food freedom but you have a sneaky feeling they didn’t eat that cake they just posted on Instagram. But in the way that they’d battled restriction (like so many other women), came out better for it on the other side and desperately wanted to help other women do the same.
  2. They did not want to rely on their physical appearance to promote or sell anything. So, no glorified ab shots or bikini clad bodies. Just everyday women in everyday clothes going through the real, everyday ups and downs of life.

As a registered dietitian, I was so excited to be part of something like this.

An approachable, non-preachy message that I could really get behind! 

And the more time we spent together working on this project, the more I got to see firsthand just how much Monique and Lee actually live every single thing they share publicly. They really are those fun-loving girls who:

  • Sneak homemade cookies into the coffee shop while we’re working
  • Never judge what you are (or aren’t) eating
  • Don’t feel the need to exercise every single day or put in more time when we’ve gone out to a nice dinner and drinks

I think at the end of the day this is exactly what most of us want.

To make healthy living a priority, yes, but to be more relaxed about our food and fitness routines.

To not feel that we have to go all Whole 30 or eliminate entire food groups just because someone once told us it was a good idea. And to be surrounded by OTHER women who have normal, healthy relationships to eating and exercise.


That is exactly what the Healthy Glow Collective, our programs and our community provide. 

If you want to be part of something truly amazing, I hope you’ll join us as we go through the Healthy Glow Guide together as a group for the first time! No calorie or macro counting, no deprivation (we’ve got the best-tasting healthy main dishes and daily treats!) and no temptation to binge/restrict because this guide is flexible and fabulous. Plus, the workout routines are killer and are sufficient on their own or can easily complement your existing routine without feeling like you need to “catch up” if you miss a day. If you purchase your copy by the end of the day today, we’re also offering a free comprehensive video library and four additional bonus workouts! And your name will be thrown into a drawing for $100 gift card to Lululemon. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

We couldn’t be more excited to share this project with the world, and I know you all will love it as much as I do.

Time to get that glow on!




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