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I’m a registered dietitian and corporate marketer turned business strategist for fellow RD’s looking to elevate their presence {and the profession} within the health, food and fitness industries.  

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with the “more” mentality. I believed that the more extracurricular activities I participated in, the more degrees I completed, the more hours I worked, the more impressive job titles I held {and so on and so on} would get me where I wanted to be in life.

But it didn’t take long for the pursuit of “more” to consume my life.

Before I even checked an accomplishment off my list, I was already in search of the next big thing. You know, the one that was REALLY going to change it all. And before I knew it, I was up to my ears in obligations to everything and everyone but myself. And while others were validating my path, “You always seem to have it all together”, or “I would kill to have a job like yours”, something wasn’t right.

Once I shifted my mindset to one of work-life integration, everything changed. I ELEVATED my health, MY RELATIONSHIPS and my happiness ALL WHILE BUILDING A THRIVING BUSINESS.

I vowed to stop doing things that don’t serve me, and start doing the ones that make me feel alive. No more pressure to do or be everything to be successful {that’s right, you don’t need to master every single social media channel or food photography if you don’t want to}. 

I outlined my core values and assessed my personal strengths, experiences and connections to help guide my decision-making process. I now operate my life and business with the ultimate goal of feeling more:

Adventurous + Grounded + connected + radiant + influential

I revisit this framework any time I stray too far from my personal definition of wellbeing, because the freedom of being an entrepreneur means nothing if you’re too “busy” to enjoy it.

Shortly after graduating with my MBA, I started a health coaching business out of the desire to reclaim my own health and happiness but also out of necessity to bring in supplemental income now that a $60K student loan balance was staring me in the face.

Despite a 2 hour commute and no marketing budget, I built this business in the “cracks” of my day by leveraging my strengths of getting more visible online, building authentic relationships and celebrating the successes of my clients.

Within just a few months, I was earning an additional 4 figures per month and despite having my “dream job” in brand management for a well-known organic food company, I couldn’t help but wonder how many more people I could help if I had more time.

So in August 2015 I did what I always said I would never do: I left my stable full-time job {and income} to pursue a freelance opportunity and pivot my business to offer business consulting and career coaching services born out of my extensive experience doing the same for big-name brands and influencers in the health and wellness space. 

Now, I devote my time and energy to helping you achieve more influence, income and independence in your life and business so you can deeply serve your clients and do the work you were called to do without feeling weighed down by your work or tied to your laptop. 

Let’s get started!


Katie is a registered dietitian, brand marketing strategist and highly sought after mentor to those looking to turn their passion for wellness into a career they love. Katie graduated Cum Laude from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics and completed her dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University. She received numerous honors from the dietetics community, including the Outstanding Graduating Senior in Dietetics as an undergraduate and both the Tennessee Dietetic Association (TDA) and Nashville District Dietetic Association (NDDA) Outstanding Dietetic Intern of the Year. She has always been passionate about helping aspiring RD’s and is one of the co-founders of All Access Internships, a resource and coaching destination for students looking to get matched to dietetic internships. She was honored by USA Today for this endeavor. 

She pursued a nontraditional career path in nutrition, receiving her MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she was chosen as a Board Fellow for Naturally Boulder, a non-profit dedicated to driving the growth of Colorado’s natural products community. Previous work experience includes branding, marketing and communications roles at a global PR agency, Fortune 500 CPG company and organic food start-up. In addition to her strategy consulting and career coaching businesses for RD’s, she is also the Brand Manager for HealthyGlow.Co, a community and resource that encourages women to improve their relationship with their bodies and find joy in food and fitness again. 

Katie is based in Denver, CO, where she enjoys leading an active lifestyle that includes fitness studio hopping, hiking, biking and trying every coffee shop in town. Her “work from anywhere” mentality has allowed her to live out her work-life integration philosophy spending months enjoying the sandy beaches of Cabarete, Dominican Republic, the “Adventure Sports Capital of the Caribbean” and the snow-capped mountains of Leadville, CO, the highest incorporated city in the United States without missing a beat. 

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