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On being your most radiant self.

When All You Need is a Plan

For the last year, I focused on my own health and fitness while helping others do the same. But true to my personality, I ended up spending MORE time prioritizing the goals of others and the growth of my coaching business that I forgot to fill my own cup first. It was...

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How to Make Kombucha Gelatin

If you've been following me on social media, you know I've been on a collagen/gelatin kick. Ever since battling SIBO last summer, I've been extra conscious of adding more gut healing foods into my daily routine. My current go-to is mixing Vital Proteins' collagen...

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On how your attitude determines your altitude.

The Power of Quick Wins

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to take advantage of $30 Thursdays {and the fact that we get to define our work days} and hit the slopes for a mid-week break. We actually talked about doing this last week, but I always have a nagging fear start to creep in before...

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How to Find Movement That Fuels You

When I started thinking about fitness as something I "get" or "want" to do, instead of "have" to do, everything changed for me. I love having both in-person and virtual fitness communities to remind me to prioritize my health even during the busy seasons and most...

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How Going Upside Down Changed My Outlook

This spring, I'm getting so far out of my comfort zone it's not even funny. Part of "the story" I tell myself is that I have weak arms thanks to three {yes, three} broken arms in my childhood. There have even been times during my recent fitness journey that I've done...

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On exploring, discovery and pushing past comfort zones.

The Healthy-ish Guide to Seattle

When I travel, I love crowdsourcing ideas from others who have been there or even better who live there. My goal is to experience every new city as if I am planning to move there -- because I think it's way more fun that way! Of course we'll throw in more touristy...

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Healthy Traveler’s Guide to Las Vegas

Between the gambling, flowing drinks and indulgent food, there's a reason Sin City has a reputation. I've been there, done that so I was hoping to "do Vegas" a little differently this time. I wondered if it was possible to spend a weekend in one of the...

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Why we microadventure

Life can get really mundane really fast. A never-ending to-do list, a long commute, a what-should-we-make-for-dinner, then rinse and repeat. And so often weekends don’t really feel like “ours” anymore as we chase the things we didn’t have time for during the week,...

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On realizing what matters, and releasing what doesn’t.

Why I’ll Never Sell You the Dream

I read a blog post that punched me in the gut this weekend.  Why? Because it articulated all the things that have been bubbling under the surface for me for a while now. I distinctly remember getting interviewed for the Courage + Clarity podcast earlier this month and...

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A Big Debt Announcement

Graduating in 2009 was a big reality check. Good jobs were few and far between. Many of my friends had to settle for glorified admin positions, enter unrelated industries or worse found themselves jobless with their newly acquired college degrees. In response, many...

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Mindful Budgeting Recap: Tax Season

Phew. The last few months have been a total whirlwind, and I can't believe I haven't made a Mindful Budgeting update since January! The truth is, I've been a little lazy in this department. I was pushing too hard in too many areas of my life and one thing had to go....

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On chasing your dreams and sharing them with others.