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The Healthy-ish Guide to Seattle

When I travel, I love crowdsourcing ideas from others who have been there or even better who live there. My goal is to experience every new city as if I am planning to move there -- because I think it's way more fun that way! Of course we'll throw in more touristy...

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Healthy Traveler’s Guide to Las Vegas

Between the gambling, flowing drinks and indulgent food, there's a reason Sin City has a reputation. I've been there, done that so I was hoping to "do Vegas" a little differently this time. I wondered if it was possible to spend a weekend in one of the...

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Why we microadventure

Life can get really mundane really fast. A never-ending to-do list, a long commute, a what-should-we-make-for-dinner, then rinse and repeat. And so often weekends don’t really feel like “ours” anymore as we chase the things we didn’t have time for during the week,...

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Healthy Travel Recap: Nashville

Last Saturday, I headed to Nashville for the annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (aka FNCE aka the dietitian's conference). I attended Vanderbilt for my dietetic internship, and it felt so right being back in the city. Over the years, I have realized that...

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Healthy Travel Recap: Baltimore

I'm writing this post from the sky, as I head back to Denver after spending 6 days in Baltimore. And I'm ordering groceries from Instacart while I'm at it, so they'll be waiting for me when I get home and I can REALLY relax. Technology blows my mind sometimes....

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Staying Healthy on the Road

Image is Part of my "tour de San Francisco" studio binge earlier this year. There was a time in my career when I traveled constantly (I think I was only home 2 days out of the entire month in July 2011), but things have slowed down a bit. When you don't travel for...

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Life Through an Instagram Lens {V-Day Edition}

Right now, I feel like I'm living a life of abundance. While there's monotony sprinkled in, I feel refreshed and open to new experiences. One scroll through my Instagram feed and I know why - the people, places and things I have surrounded myself with are pretty...

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Thirty Before 30

I love making lists. This post? Spot on. In fact, when I lived in Nashville the running joke with my roommate was that I was constantly in a state of "organizing myself." I think most bloggers are Type A list-makers, too. That's why there's a movement across the web...

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{Five Things} Summer in the City

Do you ever stop missing summer vacation? Four years out, and I'm still nostalgic. What began as lazy days at the pool and popsicle stands turned into long walks with friends, family BBQ's and, in college, impromptu daytime pub crawls. The last few years, summer seems...

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A Little Piece of Heaven: BlogHerFood 2013

You know what bugs me? People who are afraid of food. And sorry I'm not sorry for admitting it. I'm into the good stuff, but a little food porn now and then never hurt anybody. Like these Nutella-Swirled Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Blondies? I've been lusting after...

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