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On realizing what matters, and releasing what doesn’t.

Why I’ll Never Sell You the Dream

I read a blog post that punched me in the gut this weekend.  Why? Because it articulated all the things that have been bubbling under the surface for me for a while now. I distinctly remember getting interviewed for the Courage + Clarity podcast earlier this month and...

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A Big Debt Announcement

Graduating in 2009 was a big reality check. Good jobs were few and far between. Many of my friends had to settle for glorified admin positions, enter unrelated industries or worse found themselves jobless with their newly acquired college degrees. In response, many...

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Mindful Budgeting Recap: Tax Season

Phew. The last few months have been a total whirlwind, and I can't believe I haven't made a Mindful Budgeting update since January! The truth is, I've been a little lazy in this department. I was pushing too hard in too many areas of my life and one thing had to go....

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Mindful Budgeting Recap: January

My husband and I got into a pretty serious conversation today regarding what we want our life to look like. So many times it feels like we're just running in circles and not leaving time for the things that really matter - our relationships. And when I think about the...

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Mindful Budgeting

2016 is the year we're taking a hard look at our debt and where we spend our money.  I've been following others' journeys recently {specifically, Blonde on a Budget and Becoming Minimalist}, and am really inspired to do more with less. I'm not a fan of the zero...

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Why I’m Committing to a Morning Routine in 2014

In 2014, my goal is to be more mindful in a few aspects of my life: relationships, health (mental and physical), money and consumption. I'll go into more detail about why I'm focusing on each of these areas and how in later posts. This post focuses on how creating a...

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Adjusted Expectations

Or perhaps I should have titled this "why grad school can be such a bia". I started off my Evening MBA program with a bang. That is, missing the first two weeks of class. Statistics class. A subject area I only equate with an online class I took one...

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Instagram Truths

Ever since I joined Instagram earlier this year, I'm often scrolling through my photo feed more than I do Facebook. I love seeing "true life" snapshots of my friends and favorite bloggers. Sometimes I even find myself secretly envying others' lives through how they're...

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