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Do you have your own business, but unsure where to focus your time for growth?

Do you have a blog or active social media presence, but not seeing the momentum {or income} you expected?

Are you struggling to find time in your day to work on the strategic side of your business and feel stuck in the daily grind of busy work?

Are you tired of spending all your time and money on courses you never get around to completing or implementing?

Are you ready to elevate your business while maintaining your sanity AND your self-care?

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that no day {let alone week} is ever the same for health, food and fitness entrepreneurs. From working with individual clients and managing consulting or freelance assignments to leveraging your audience and credibility with brand partnerships and ad networks, you have so many irons in the fire it’s enough to make your head spin.

And that doesn’t even including maintaining your own online presence and content strategy!

You invest so much in the day to day that you can’t possibly imagine adding “one more thing” to your plate, even though you know that setting aside time for strategic thinking is the one thing that will streamline your business.

I have compiled my expertise from 7+ years in brand management, marketing and communications in the food, health and fitness industries, an MBA focused on organizational development and process consulting and growth of my own practice to offer you strategic counsel that is unlike anything out there. Together, we’ll clear through the clutter and create a strategic plan of action to get you the results you crave without giving up your life or going into debt to get there.

Ready to take your business to the next level with focused 1:1 support and mentorship?

I work with my clients on a retainer model, meaning in addition to one 45-minute live strategy call per month, you also receive unlimited access to me via email and Voxer {voice messaging} for the duration of our consulting relationship. My current rates are $500/month with a 3-month minimum commitment. Clients who wish to pay in full for 3 months will receive a 15% discount. 

“I’ve known Katie since we started All Access Internships together and she is quite literally the reason I became an entrepreneur. She has since transitioned to my business coach and helped me scale the business year after year. During our coaching sessions, Katie customizes her strategies to fit my unique business needs. I’m in a very niche market, have no direct competition and deal with a heavy annual audience turnover since it is admissions coaching. She’s helped me transition to a paid membership site and given me direction how my role should evolve with the growth of the company. With her help, I’ve expanded my support team from one assistant to a team of nine and shifted my role from personally coaching clients to concentration on member acquisition and fully trusting my team of coaches. I now work less, delegate more and make more passive income than ever before!

Jenny westerkamp, ceo at all access internships, chicago, il

“Katie helped me become organized and focused in my business — something that has directly translated into confidence in my ability to be an entrepreneur. Before connecting with Katie and hiring her for 1:1 services, I was going willy-nilly about my offerings and while I had dreams of where I wanted to go, I had no clear path about how to get there. I now have vision and clarity. Not to mention, I serve three times as many clients in a third of the time, which has overall led me to be more creative, happy and excited about the future.” 


“Katie has been a God-send for my business. She has helped me prioritize my goals and pushed me to take action. She has a wealth of information from her years of experience in the marketing field and never fails to inspire me with her helpful insights, creative ideas and strategies. Katie makes herself readily available on a daily basis and is always ready to help solve a problem, look over a document or brainstorm tactics. Katie has truly elevated my business and I could not be more grateful for her expertise.”


“After our conversation, I realized that my to-do list included a lot of large projects that I tend to keep pushing off because I know they will take up a chunk of my time. One of them was to create a system that would save me major time while charting that I had been thinking about for several months. Using the strategic planning strategies we discussed, I was able to get it  all done in 3 days without further procrastination. Previously, I would have kept pushing this off until I ‘had more time’, but I didn’t! And now it’s done! It feels amazing.”