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Invest in yourself, invest in the next generation!

10% of all purchased products and services through Elevate with Katie goes back to the future of the dietetics profession in the form of student scholarships and mentoring support.

I have been committed to elevating the presence of registered dietitians since I was a student.

I served on the Academy’s Student Council Advisory Committee for many years to give students a voice on professional issues and to connect future RD’s across the country. During this time, I connected with a fellow student over a shared interest in entrepreneurship as well as a shared frustration with the dietetic internship selection process, and All Access Internships was born. What started as a passion project to simplify the application process with easy-to-filter profiles and previous intern testimonials has now blossomed into a thriving community, resource and one-on-one coaching destination for students looking to make their application stand out when faced with a consistently low match rate.  

While I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of this business, I offer my services as a coach every season and it is one of my greatest joys to work with motivated students and to see them get matched to their dream programs!

These early experiences shaped my passion and enthusiasm for giving back my time and money to students.

I also understand the financial burden of post-graduate programs, and despite having thousands of dollars of my own outstanding student loan debt stemming from my dietetic internship and my MBA, I will be contributing 10% of all purchases to help alleviate that burden for other students like me. I truly believe that one of the duties of business owners is to give back to their community and industry, and I am excited to increase my commitments as we continue to grow. It feels very much like a “full circle” moment to be able to do this!

I recognize how important it is for students to network and make connections throughout their path to becoming an RD. I was very eager as a student, and reached out to as many RD’s whose careers I admired as possible and am so grateful for the mentorship, friendship as well as internship and job opportunities that arose from those who were willing to give their time. I had help from so many along the way that I prioritize doing the same for others in a few ways:

Self-Study: Read about my journey to becoming an RD and answers to FAQ’s I get from students.

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Group: I host quarterly “office hours” for early RD’s, career changers or those looking to start their online presence or business, so you can ask me anything and learn from your peers. 

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1-on-1: Every 6 months, I personally mentor one student with an interest in nutrition communications, business, marketing and/or entrepreneurship. 

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